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Maintenance & Water Saving Tips

Maintenance tips

  • It is recommended that all flexible hose pipes to plumbed-in domestic appliances be checked regularly as hoses to dishwashers and washing machines can perish, particularly when not used for long periods.
  • Continually running overflow pipes or leaking taps is a sure sign that the plumbing system requires maintenance.  Keeping on top of what seem to be insignificant issues can save water and help you avoid high water bills in the long run.

Water saving tips

  • Switching from a single flush to a dual flush toilet can save around 90 litres of water a day, or 33,000 litres a year.
  • Switch to a water saving shower head.
  • Install a rainwater tank. An average 2000 litre capacity tank can save up to 26000 litres of water each year.  These savings could be increased (up to 59000 litres) if the tank is plumbed in for internal use such as washing clothes or flushing the toilet.  Visit for rainwater tank guidelines.

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