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Leaking/Dripping Taps

A dripping tap can be noisy and waste thousands of litres of water every month if left unserviced.  A badly leaking hot tap can add undue strain on the Hot Water System causing the gas or electrical components to be unnecessarily functioning.

To fix a dripping tap requires more than just replacing a washer. The tap’s seat will require reseating and all parts to the tap spindle’s replaced. The steps that Peake Plumbing will take to when attending to a dripping tap are:

  • Remove tap handle and flange;
  • Loosen spindle;
  • Replace rubber o-rings;
  • Grind away muck from tap body;
  • Lubricate;
  • Replace fibre washer;
  • Replace jumper valve washer;
  • Use re-seating tool to make seat smooth and shiny;
  • Flush out any debris;
  • Put back together and test.

If the taps are badly corroded and need replacing altogether, Peake Plumbing carries a range of taps and mixers and can install new taps on the spot.

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