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Leaking Toilet Repairs

IMG_1683Leaking toilets can cause a great deal of water waste and can go unnoticed for many months.  The signs of a leaking toilet include:

  • Stain on the back of the toilet bowl;
  • Occasional ”hiss” sound from float valve; and
  • Slight dripping noise coming from cistern.

There are usually two easy steps to repair a leaking toilet:

  • Replace outlet washer; and
  • Replace float valve.

Peake Plumbing carries almost all parts on board our vehicle required to service a leaking toilet.  It is unlikely that a cistern will need replacing. However, if this is necessary we can replace some cisterns on the spot.

Water leaking onto toilet floor?

Generally, a leak from a toilet onto the floor is quick and easy for a licensed plumber to fix.  The four main things to look for on a leaking toilet are:

  • Rubber seal on flush pipe (generally cracked);
  • Rubber seal around the toilet waste pipe either coming from the wall of from the ground;
  • Mini stop tap may be dripping from the handle which indicates rubber o-ring is faulty;
  • Nuts on either flexi hose or copper pipe from tap to cistern.

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