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Blocked Sink Drains

Sink drains are often blocked by food and fat being washed down the sink and building up over the years inside the pipe. Another cause may be roots growing inside a gully which is the concrete mound and grate you might see somewhere in your backyard. This gully may also be overflowing which is a sure sign the drain is blocked. The quickest method would be to plunge and hope this clears the blockage, however this method will not clear the build up of fats or tree roots.

The most effective method unblock a sink drain is to use our 5000 PSI high pressure jetter which cuts through roots and removes fats and solids.

High Pressure Jetter for Unblocking Drains

5000 PSI high pressure water jetter. This is the most effective method of removing obstructions from any drain including large tree roots and fats.

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